Vote for Wildlife, November 6

Vote for Wildlife

Prairie dogs and other critters can’t vote, but you can! Election day is fast approaching (November 6th), and it’s time to get ready. And our friends at Endangered Species Coalition and the Native Plant Conservation Campaign  have put together the resources you need to make sure you’re ready. You can use their platform to check that you are properly registered and to register if you haven’t already and find out where your polling place is.

Being registered is only half the battle. So here are some resources to make sure that you know who and what to vote for!

Choosing Your Senators and Representatives

Visit the Endangered Voter Action Center to look up the candidates that will be on the ballot. Every member of the US House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 US Senators will be up for re-election this November.

Our friends at Defenders of Wildlife have created the Conservation Report Card, which is an easy way to look up the track records of sitting representatives in Congress. Here is a link to the Senate Report Card and to the House of Representatives Report Card.

If you are concerned about more than their conservation record, you can also use the resource.

Voting on Colorado Ballot Measures

There are a lot of ballot measures on the ballot for Coloradans this November. For a sustainability and environmental view on these measures, check out The Alliance Center Guide Use Your Voice and Vote. They discuss the different amendments and propositions, with a suggestion on how to vote, and why they support that vote.

These resources are only suggestions, and we do not want to pressure you into voting one way or another, but they are here in case you would like to make use of them.

Be sure you are ready for November! Species like prairie dogs and the American pika are counting on your to vote for them. Also consider sending a friend to this page. If you can help just one more person to vote, you’ve already doubled your impact! And if the American pika could speak more than an “eeep!” I’m sure they would thank you!