Why I Give to RMW on #COGivesDay

By: Josh Pollock

Josh Pollock #unselfieMore than twenty years ago, my wife and I moved to Colorado to surround ourselves with mountains and prairies and forests and wildlife. Like so many of us, we go outside to relax, to recharge, and to feel more human. Now, I see how being outside helps my children be at peace and learn and grow. It is an odd feeling to be jealous of your own kids, but they are getting to experience this incredible region and its habitats and wild places from the very beginning of their lives. These days, watching them become better people for having a connection to the natural world makes me hope that such opportunities will be there for them throughout their lives and for generations to come. Giving to Rocky Mountain Wild is a way to invest in that vision of the future– one where healthy wildlife and ecosystems, full of native plants and animals, continue to surround us and enrich our lives.

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