You joined 100 Women for the Wild! Now what?

I Just Joined image for 100 Women for the WildThank you so much for joining the 100 Women for the Wild! Our goal for this group is to engage more women in conservation science, raise funds for our on-the-ground conservation projects, and set aside money for scholarships in for our 100 Women for the Wild internship.

But how? With your help!

We’ve put together this toolkit to help you get the most out of 100 Women for the Wild.

First things first, if you are on social media, be sure to join our secret Facebook group. Through this Facebook group, we can stay connected and continue to share ideas and opportunities.

Below are some other ways we can all work to grow the group and ensure that more women are able to engage in conservation science:

Attend or Host a 100 Women for the Wild Event

Do you have a group of friends who you think might be interested in joining the group? Why not host a party? We’ll provide the information, materials, and a staff member to answer questions if you provide the space and friends. Contact Tehri to set up your own event.

The 100 Women for the Wild are also invited to participate in our Wednesdays in the Wild events. Every month, we try to have a different educational and/or fun outing. Join us and invite your friends! These events are free to members and open to the public:

This year, we are also raising money for the program through the Colfax Marathon. #RunWild for Women in Science!

Attend a Rocky Mountain Wild Event

RMW hosts a variety of events that you can attend and invite your friends to! Check these scheduled events out if you have the time:

Promote Your Membership

Sample Facebook message:
I just joined the 100 Women for the Wild! I’m making a difference in gender disparity in the conservation sciences by raising funds for conservation projects, taking environmental action, and supporting an Emerging Female Leader Fund for internships for women in the sciences. It’s easy to be awesome! Join me. #100WfW
Image (right click and save): I Just Joined image for 100 Women for the Wild

Sample Twitter message:
I just joined #100WfW! Funding conservation projects & Emerging Female Leader Fund science internships. Join me!
Image (right click and save): I Just Joined image for 100 Women for the Wild

Download Resources to Share:

A Join Us 4-per-page handout to print out and share.

Action Resources: