Adopt a Bat for Bat Appreciation Month

Hibernating little brown bat
Hibernating little brown bat, courtesy of Ann Froschauer, USFWS

To celebrate Bat Appreciation Month in October, we are offering plush Little Brown Bats for a $25 donation! Proceeds will support our citizen science program, Colorado Bat Watch.

Plush little brown bat
Our plush Little Brown Bat

Rocky Mountain Wild is partnering with the United States Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council, and Conejos Clean Water, with funding from the US Forest Service Citizen Science Competitive Funding Program and Patagonia, to launch the Colorado Bat Watch Program. This program will use citizen scientists to collect data that will enable these agencies to monitor bat species over time and better understand the impacts of WNS and other threats on local bat populations.

Understanding this will help land managers and conservation organizations develop strategies and programs to protect bats and their habitat!

Sign up to join the Colorado Bat Watch! The citizen science component of the project will officially begin in 2021, but you can sign up today to be notified when the project begins recruiting volunteers.

For the month of October only, adoptions cost $25. Adopt yours today!

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