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Christie GreeneWhen I was 23, I was offered a move from Tennessee to Colorado with my company. Thank goodness I said yes! I realized early on that this is the place I was meant to be. A lot of other people realized the same thing, and the population doubled in Colorado and is expected to double again in the next 20 years to over 10 million. Although our transportation methods are changing, there will still be automobiles and infrastructure to support them. There will still be wild animals that rely on using their migration paths to breed, give birth, and feed.

This is not a healthy combination, and I fully support the overpasses and underpasses to help animals traverse the landscape in a safe manner.  Safety of the vehicle occupants and property damage from WVC’s are another part of the equation.

Seeing the evidence of a collision with animals on the roads I frequent in Evergreen is disturbing to me, and I have seen the aftermaths of collisions that can cause nightmares. I can hear the gunshots and see the crumpled grills on the cars. I witness the agony of the drivers of these cars and read about their pain on Facebook.

I avidly support RMW’s efforts, along with CPW and CDOT, to mitigate these painful events and avoid the suffering on all sides that accompanies the collisions. Thank you, caring people! You are so appreciated!


Consider joining Christie in supporting RMW:

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