Why I Support RMW – Erica Prather

Erica PratherRocky Mountain Wild is three words that I love – Rocks, Mountains, Wilderness!
Defending public lands (rocks, mountains and wilderness) is just as much about democracy as it is environmentalism. I am motivated to protect our wildlands from oil and gas development by empowering those that recreate there to participate.
I am so inspired by wildlands, and have been deeply affected my experiences there, that I feel an overwhelming sense of stewardship to these places and spaces. The sandstone, the slickrock, the canyons, the forests, the shadow of the mountains and all the creatures that reside these places that don’t have a voice – I want to be that voice. All the folks that work at Rocky Mountain Wild also motivate and inspire me! I am so grateful to spend time with every single person on our team, and I have learned so much from everyone and feel compelled to share their hard work with everyone I know! I am continuously amazed by the dedication and passion of every member of our staff.

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