Experience Glenwood Canyon in a new way through the Wild I-70 audio tour

Jovan Mays
Jovan Mays

Hey There

Did you feel that?

Probably pretty hard to know

But just a minute ago

You drove through Colorado’s youngest volcano

Those words spill out of Jovan Mays as he launches into “Something New.” He continues at a thoughtful, measured pace, as he describes the geological and historic significance of Glenwood Canyon.

Aurora emeritus poet laureate Mays wrote the poem at the behest of Rocky Mountain Wild. The Denver-based organization works to protect and restore wildlife in the region, and its latest efforts use a perhaps unexpected tactic. The Wild I-70 audio tour draws listeners into wildlife conservation through a combination of music, poetry and science.

Producer and Writer Erica Prather saw the project as an opportunity to meld two of the worlds she often operates in: art and science.

“If they talk to each other and elevate each other, I think they both have audiences who are kind of similar: curious people who want to explore the world and express that,” she said.

The series is triggered by GPS as listeners travel along the I-70 corridor, with segments that entertain and educate listeners as they travel from Golden to Glenwood. Each segment is accompanied by music from a Colorado artist; Carbondale’s Let Them Roar play on a piece to be released this week. Prather and cohost Stephen Brackett of hip-hop band The Flobots discuss wilderness and science, and they have fun as they do. They break down sometimes-complicated concepts, like migration, and help listeners understand how human development affects wildlife.

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