Gunnison Save-Grouse, May 18

Gunnison sage-grouse
Photo by Bob Gress,
Species: Gunnison sage-grouse
Scientific Name: Centrocercus minimus
Status: Threatened
Photograph of two female Gunnison sage-grouse in the snow
Gunnison sage-grouse, courtesy of Larry Lamsa (CC BY 2.0).

Gunnison sage-grouse once ranged widely across southwest Colorado and Utah but today they occupy just 10% of their historic range. With fewer than 5,000 of these birds remaining the Gunnison sage-grouse needs our help.

Habitat loss from urban development, oil and gas drilling, mining, off-road vehicle use, and road construction threatens to push this species toward extinction. Learn more about Gunnison sage-grouse and see what you can do to help protect them.

And attend a live webinar, presented by our friends at Defenders of Wildlife, about the National Biodiversity Strategy resolution, looking at Gunnison sage-grouse as an example of how the strategy would benefit imperiled species in Colorado.


A huge thank you to our Gunnison Save-Grouse partners:

Defenders of Widlife

Here are some things you can do to learn more about Gunnison sage-grouse and the National Biodiversity Strategy resolution:

Join Us:

Join us and our friends at Defenders of Wildlife for a live Zoom event:
Tuesday, May 18, 6:00 pm MT
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A National Biodiversity Strategy would address the five drivers of the biodiversity crisis: habitat loss, overexploitation of wildlife, climate change, invasive species, and pollution.  It would also bring multiple federal and state agencies that have a role in protecting our natural resources together to maximize collaboration and create a blueprint to tackle this crisis.

Defenders will host a presentation on how this national strategy can be put into practice by using the Gunnison sage-grouse as a case study. Dangers like habitat loss from urban development, oil and gas drilling, mining, off-road vehicle use, and road construction are pushing this species – with fewer than 5,000 individuals remaining – toward extinction.  


For Adults:

For Kids:


For Adults:

For Kids:


For Adults:

  • Gunnison County CSU Extension – Gunnison Sage-Grouse Lifecycle (22 minutes):
  • a.m. Colorado – Gunnison sage-grouse (5 minutes):

For Kids:

  • “Freaky Creatures: Birds Shake Their Tail Feathers,” by Nat Geo Kids (1 minute)

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