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By: Chris Talbot-Heindl, Communications & Membership Manager
June 2, 2017

Super Species SquadMonthly donations are our most stable source of funding, as well as an easy and affordable way to support our work! In fact, we think that our monthly donors are Super – which is why we started the Super Species Squad!

To date, we have 10 members of the Super Species Squad. I myself am a double-member. I’ve set up my 100 Women for the Wild membership as a monthly donation, and I give $5 a month to support the #StandWithGunny campaign. As a worker for a non-profit, small monthly donations is what works for me.

And it’s Super for our non-profit by providing steady, guaranteed, support we can count on month after month.

Whether you can manage $5 a month, or $1,000, we could use you in our Super Species Squad, so join today!

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