Meatless Monday, May 13

Vegan Restaurant Week Denver, May 13-19
Vegan Restaurant Week is May 13-19. A perfect event to coincide with Colorado Endangered Species Week.

The entire Colorado Endangered Species Week is also Vegan Restaurant Week in Denver! It’s a week-long celebration of plant-based and vegan dining at participating restaurants and food trucks in the Denver Metro area.

Whether you go meatless on Monday or all week, visit the Veg Fest Colorado website for all the participating eateries to check out!

When: All Day, Monday, May 13 (and through May 19 if you like)
Where: Various eateries throughout Denver Metro area
Facebook event:

The average greenhouse gas impact (in kilograms of CO2) of getting 50 grams of protein by source.
The average greenhouse gas impact (in kilograms of CO2) of getting 50 grams of protein by source.

Why are we promoting Meatless Monday for Colorado Endangered Species Week?

  • According to a report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, meat production has a higher environmental impact than fruit and vegetables production;
  • The livestock industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation, contributing to deforestation, air and water pollution, land degradation, loss of topsoil, climate change, the overuse of resources including oil and water, and loss of biodiversity;
  • A person eating chiefly animal protein requires ten times more land (or animal habitat) to provide adequate food than someone living on vegetable sources of protein, which means a much higher ecological footprint.

Resource: Your questions about food and climate change, answered. How to shop, cook, and eat in a warming world. Via New York Times.

This event is part of Colorado Endangered Species Week. Check out the week’s page for more activities!

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