Meet our Colfax Marathon Race Organizer: Frankie Chiappetta

Colfax Marathon Start

By: Frankie Chiappetta

Frankie Chiappetta at Mt. Massive

A recent Denver transplant, seemingly similar to most other Denverites’ situations, I have been making a home and life for myself here in the Mile High City. I graduated in May of 2018 with a degree in Biology from Colorado College and moved from Colorado Springs to Denver last summer. As I eagerly browsed post-graduation job possibilities, I came across Rocky Mountain Wild and became very interested in their mission to protect wildlife and to restore their natural habitats. Having fallen in love with Colorado’s natural lands and animals four years prior when I moved from Chicago to Colorado for college, I felt as though RMW’s goals and my passions aligned.

I pestered Tehri for a few months with questions about the 100 Women in the Wild program and the internship. It was to my dismay that I learned that the internship would not be offered in 2019 due to the lack of funding for the 100 Women in the Wild program. So, Tehri and I met up for a beer to talk about how to breathe life back into this program to provide networking events, skill building workshops, and opportunities for women in STEM. With my passions already aligned with RMW’s mission and the notion that I could help to increase opportunities for women in STEM, I knew that working with Tehri would be a rewarding experience.

When I met with Tehri, I was already about halfway through my marathon training. Running was on my mind 24/7- thinking constantly about when I going to fit in my runs and lugging around my running clothes and shoes at all times. So I proposed to her – why doesn’t RMW get involved as a charity partner for the upcoming Colfax Marathon? I was already planning on running the marathon, so that would be one runner they would have already! I’d be happy to put all those miles training to be worth something more than just a medal and toward an opportunity to promote and create change. Tehri was on board and we soon became charity partners with the Colfax Marathon.

I am so excited to run for Rocky Mountain Wild and run my first marathon! It has been a challenging few months and will continue to be so until race day. I am not a particularly great runner, but I believe in myself to be able to achieve this feat. So, I challenged you readers, to sign up for the 5k, 10-mile race, half marathon, or full marathon to run with Rocky Mountain Wild!

Frankie Chiappetta

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