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First of all, thank you for everything you did for the wildlife and wild lands in our region this past year! Whether you took some of our actions in the Environmental Actions Weekly Round Up each week, you amplified some of our actions and programs on social media, you signed a petition for Gunny or wildlife crossing the road, you attended one of our events, you volunteered as a citizen scientist, or you gave your time, energy, and/or money to help us protect our critters, we want to thank you.

If you’re still considering year-end donations, we hope that you’ll consider giving to Rocky Mountain Wild. As is true with most nonprofits, we really need to meet our goal. But why is it so important we get to 100%?

It’s because we’ve already spent it!

So, our goal of $87,000 is a very deliberate number this year. That’s the amount we need to break even. We didn’t stop protecting Wolf Creek Pass when we didn’t get the lawyers fees we were expecting this year after we won our cases; we didn’t stop our free training to citizen scientists joining our expanded Front Range Pika Project this year when we ran out of grant funding for it; we didn’t stop monitoring and screening each and every oil and gas lease sale in our region when our funding shrank; and we didn’t stop monitoring species crossing the road at the site of our proposed wildlife crossing structures, advocating for Gunny, or developing our bat and bighorn sheep citizen science programs.

We kept going and knew the work was important, not just to us, but to our supporters, and trusted that the money would come in.

So, what happens if we don’t meet our goals for the end of the year? Does that mean we will stop our important work? Absolutely not. We will keep going as we always have, but we might have to pinch our pennies harder, which means losing some of the resources we rely on to do this work. 

If we don’t need to, we’d rather not. We’d like to exceed our end of the year goal this year and have a little extra to work with in 2020. 

We are currently at $83,500, 96% towards breaking even. Can you help us get there? Consider making a one-time donation or join our Super Species Squad as a monthly donor!

Thank you for all you do to keep our region wild,

Chris Talbot-Heindl

Chris Talbot-Heindl
Communications & Membership Manager

P.S. This is usually where I would tell you about our generous anonymous match donor, but we’ve already reached 100% of that match! A huge thank you to everyone who made that happen this year. 

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