New donors = new gifts!

New donors = new gifts

We’re a small non-profit, so of course we have a financial goal this giving season ($100k for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing).

But, we’re even more interested in finding new supporters!

We know everyone is strapped for cash – having spent a little here and there to support candidates, non-profits that needed immediate help, following incidents throughout the year, or maybe crowdfunding a friend’s medical bills. So, we don’t want to strain anyone, and instead want to see if we can get a lot of donors to donate at least a little bit, so we can still meet our goals this year.

And to prove how much we want to see this happen, we’ve set some benchmarks, as well as some little thank you presents to show how much we are truly thankful for your support! Our staff are willing to try some out-of-the-box bribery, and promise to try new things…on camera or in person!

Megan Mueller doing pika researchBenchmark Reached! If we get 25 new end-of-the-year donors:

Megan, our resident chef, will aim to have zero food waste for three weeks and document what she learns to help others get ideas for reducing their food waste! Megan loves cooking, but she often overestimates how many meals she wants to cook in a week, or buys ingredients and doesn’t use it all, or cooks to much for her and her husband to eat. Bonus: by taking steps to reduce food waste in her kitchen, she’ll help address global warming! Reducing food waste ranked third in terms of strategies to draw down carbon dioxide. And global warming is putting pikas, wolverines, and Canada lynx (three of her favorite critters) at risk.

Chris On Floor

Benchmark Reached! If we get 50 new end-of-the-year donors:

Chris, our resident roller derby player, will learn how to jam skate and perform a little jam skate routine for you! Chris is not a graceful skater, and spends a lot of time on the track on the floor. But for you, she will learn how to jam skate as gracefully as she can, and record the whole process for your viewing pleasure!

Here is your video!

Erica PratherIf we get 75 new end-of-the-year donors:

Erica, our resident dancer/filmmaker, will create a one-minute outdoor musical artivism project! Erica will write and perform a little jingle about wild lands in our region and film herself performing it for your viewing pleasure.

Flat 14-erIf we get 100 new end-of-the-year donors:

Alison, our resident daily walker, will take on a distance she has never done before and complete a Flat 14er. And, she’ll even invite you to join her! But regardless if you join her or not, she will take photographs of the trail and provide a fitness tracker map as proof of her epic journey.

Tehri and GretaIf we get 200 new end-of-the-year donors:

Tehri, our resident dog park/brewery lover, will host a Yappy Hour where people can meet her and Greta at the Golden dog park for a little doggie time, followed by a beer at New Terrain Brewery! And for the first 10 people who show up, Tehri will even buy you a beer!

You can help us reach these benchmarks by asking your friends and family to match your donation or to give a little bit to us this giving season. Schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day (December 5) and take advantage of our generous donation match from Green Waves Fund! They will match any donation from a new donor dollar for dollar! So a little bit can go a long way.

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