2017 Maps of Oil & Gas Development

Every year, Rocky Mountain Wild creates high resolution maps showing the widespread impact of oil and gas development on Colorado and Wyoming. See where drilling is occurring and what lands have been leased by oil and gas companies for current and future development.

Download the 2017 Colorado Oil/Gas Development Map or the 2017 WY Oil/Gas Development Map as a high resolution pdf.

Colorado Wyoming

2017 Colorado Oil/Gas Development Map

2017 Wyoming Oil/Gas Development Map
2017 Colorado Oil/Gas Development Map 2017 Wyoming Oil/Gas Development Map
  • Areas in red are federal public lands leased for oil or gas development that are held by production, that is,  these leases never expire long as the oil and gas companies that hold the leases keep producing oil or gas there.
  • Areas in purple are also federal public lands leased for oil & gas but here the leases will expire unless the oil and gas companies start producing oil or gas there.
  • The black areas are oil & gas wells on all types of lands — federal, state, and private lands.
  • No oil or gas development is allowed on the dark green areas.

If you would like to look at the oil and gas leasing data yourself, go to our Upcoming Oil and Gas Leases webpage.