PRESS RELEASE: Rocky Mountain Wild’s Inaugural Endangered Species Week


Denver, Colorado – Rocky Mountain Wild, a nonprofit organization located in Denver, has created an entire week of events in collaboration with various conservation organizations for the week of May 14-20, 2017 to bring awareness to the over 300 at risk flora, fauna, and wildlife in Colorado.

Organizations involved include Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, Defenders of Wildlife, The Butterfly Pavilion, Conservation Colorado, Colorado Mountain Club, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, and the Endangered Species Coalition, among others. The week will include featured speakers, films, fundraisers, and other activities along the Front Range, with major events occurring in Boulder and Denver.

The event comes at a critical time, as the Trump administration entertains bill S.935 – the Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act. This bill threatens the very foundation of what constitutes an endangered species, and how they are protected. The Endangered Species Act has been profoundly successful – leading to impressive recovery of species such as the bald eagle and the humpback whale.

“S.935 bypasses science altogether. Under this bill, congressional approval, not science, would be needed to list a species for recovery and the citizen accountability granted by the Endangered Species Act of 1973 would be weakened, literally threatening our democracy, says Hailey Hawkins of the Endangered Species Coalition, a partner in Endangered Species Week.

“Endangered Species Week is about honoring our proud legacy of species recovery and stewardship in Colorado and the West. Without species like the lynx and the Gunnison sage-grouse, the Rocky Mountains would be incomplete and lacking in the biodiversity that makes Colorado one of the best places to live in the US.”

For more information on Colorado Endangered Species Week, contact Rocky Mountain Wild, or visit


Contact: Chris Talbot-Heindl

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