Day of Service, May 17

Colorado landscape, courtesy of David Mark (public domain).

Start your work week right by doing something wild! Today we are urging all our supporters to take a few minutes to do a good deed for the wildlife, wild lands, and historic sites that share our planet. We would love for you to share that good deed on our Facebook event page so that we can inspire people around the world to join us!

What will your day of service look like? Will you put out hummingbird feeders? Install stickers on your windows to reduce bird collisions? Pick up garbage in your local park? Sign a petition in support of wildlife crossing structures? Volunteer for a community science project? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Here at Rocky Mountain Wild, we will be working with our friends at El Laboratorio to check wildlife cameras for the field season and to transfer the cameras to their program so that they can monitor wildlife along the South Platte River in Denver!

Not sure what you can do? We have a list of suggestions below!


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Here are some suggested things to do:

For Everyone:

For Wildlife:

For Public Lands and Waters:

For National Parks: