Ski Area Watch

Eldora Mountain Resort
Location of the proposed Eldora Expansion
Photo credit: Chris Talbot-Heindl

With more that 180,000 acres of Forest Service land under long-term lease to ski resorts, skiing can have a significant influence on the management of our public lands. Rocky Mountain Wild monitors ski area impacts and expansion, with an eye toward protecting critical wildlife habitat and movement corridors.

From 2000 – 2013 we helped to research and publish the annual Ski Area Environmental Scorecard. This report helped thousands of skiers to choose resorts that were actively working toward reduce their environmental impact.

Today, we focus on making sure that ski areas are developed and improved in ways that maintain key habitats and corridors; protect roadless and backcountry areas; and preserve endangered and threaten species.

Current Priorities

We are currently working with the Middle Boulder Creek Coalition to oppose the expansion of Eldora Mountain Resort into the Middle Boulder Creek watershed. This riparian area provides an unobstructed movement corridor for wildlife, including deer, elk, bobcat, and potentially lynx.