Take Action at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

By: Chris Talbot-Heindl, Communications & Membership Manager

There's No Planet B
Sign spotted at the Women’s March Denver, January 21, 2017. Photo by: Dana Talbot-Heindl

On Saturday, I joined the Women’s March in Denver with my Buffy-inspired sign and I saw first hand what 200k people of all walks of life, fighting for a better world looks like. Since then, I’ve left so many messages for Senators Bennet and Gardner that they’d probably recognize my voice, I’ve signed so many petitions that I’m sure my inbox will be brimming with Credo and Change.org messages for days, and I am inspired to take each and every action I can to ensure that while we have an Administration that is working to gut the Endangered Species Act, and roll back protection of biodiversity, we will not lose this fight against extinction.

Last year, if I’m being honest, I was looking at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival as a task. It was my first year as co-organizer and I really wanted to tick off that box. This year, going into it, I have a totally different outlook – it’s no longer a task, but a passion. I want to take each and every action in the Citizens Action Hub, I want to connect with others who think as I do, network with them, and hopefully come out of it with collaborators for the next big environmental art project.

I want to experience these beautifully-crafted and meaningful films and be inspired to protect the wild places and ideas they contain. I want to be moved in my heart and mind. I want to take action.

Our Citizens Action Hub has grown this year – so much so that it may be a little cramped. Even as a slightly claustrophobic introvert, I am so ready for that.

In the Action Hub, we’ll have many of our wonderful sponsors as well as some local non-profits with direct actions. 100 Women for the Wild gave up their table to make space for them all, but you can still sign up to be part of the philanthropic effort at the Rocky Mountain Wild info table, right when you come down the stairs.

The Boulder Bear Coalition will have a petition and letter writing campaign to Governor Hickenlooper to stop the Predator Control Study. They will need volunteers going forward in the campaign, so be sure to sign up to volunteer with them. Clean Energy Action will have a form letter with space for a personal message with requests to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission about Xcel’s 2016 Electric Resource Plan. People and Pollinators Action Network will have a letter writing campaign to state legislators about protecting pollinators and a pledge form to plant pollinator-friendly plants. The newly created Rocky Mountain Wolf Project will have an info sheet and sign up to help form and volunteer with the new project. There will also be actions from Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association, Conservation Colorado, Denver Zoo, and The Wilderness Society. And of course, we’ll be there with our #StandWithGunny actions – postcards, coloring pages, and selfies with our Gunny sage-grouse cut-out.

The Citizens Action Hub will start at 5:30 pm and continue until movie time at 7 pm, as well as during intermission. Even if you don’t want to watch the films, you will want to take these actions while they are all in one place. And I would not be offended if you did. Come for the actions for free, stay for the films with the cost of a ticket if you wish. I leave it up to you. I know that at this time, these are the kinds of the events I need.

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