We have a lot to be thankful for!

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By: Chris Talbot-Heindl, Communications & Membership Manager

I’m glad that we have a holiday like Thanksgiving once a year. It’s a great time to sit back and really reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for. And a culture of gratitude is great for organizations like ours that could easily become overwhelmed, and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve sleephappiness, physical and psychological health. #BecauseScience

This year, I’m focused on all of the people we are incredibly thankful for and who make what we do possible and enjoyable:

8. Our Staff: our little mighty staff of nine who make things happen, I see and appreciate you. I don’t always say so, because it’s much easier to see when things aren’t running smoothly than when they are. But, the oil and gas maps get made every quarter, the citizen science programs happen without a hitch and with great media I can share, Wolf Creek Pass is still protected, and our events continue to happen. I know that isn’t magic; that’s the magical unicorn-ness of you. Thank you.

7. Our Board: our little dedicated Board is critical to our work. You donate your time and money to our organization, and bring a host of skills with you that would otherwise be missing from our little mighty staff. You sit on committees and make amazing decisions to make sure that Rocky Mountain Wild has a strategic direction and can meet its goals. Thank you.

6. Our Followers: everyone who participates, shares stories, submits comments during comment periods, receives our e-newsletters, or simply internet stalks us. We see and appreciate you. You follow our work, amplify our progress, and/or take action to protect the wildlife and wild lands in our region. Thank you.

5. Our Partner Organizations: our friends in the movement who partner with us to bring more brains, more money, more resources, and/or more partnerships to the table. We see and appreciate you. You partner with us to double the impact of the programs and research projects. Together we create programs with a meaningful reach. Thank you.

4. Our Silent Auction Donors and Sponsors: the thousands of organizations that donate goods and dollars to make sure that our events and fundraisers have impact. We see and appreciate you. You donate your skills, goods, services, or money to increase our reach for events like our environmental film festivals, Colorado Endangered Species Week, and Bites & Brews for Biodiversity. We literally couldn’t do it without you. Thank you.

3. Our Volunteers, Citizen Scientists, and Interns: our committed group of faithful work-unicorns who take the building blocks our little mighty staff make and create these amazing programs with it! We see and appreciate you. You take ideas and resources and you build them into what our supporters see. You offer your expertise to our events, programs, citizen science projects, and more to expand what we could otherwise do to protect the species in our care. We know your time is finite and we appreciate that you give so much of it to us. Thank you.

2. Our Donors and Members: the near 800 people who choose to donate their hard earned cash to us each year. We see and appreciate you. You fund Rocky Mountain Wild’s programs, buy our tickets to events, purchase our gear, and support the cause to keep our region wild. We would not exist without you. Thank you so much!

1. Our Multi-Year Donors: I wanted to give a special shout out to our multi-year donors, and especially those who have been with us since the beginning. Every month, I write out thank you cards to current donors who have been giving for 5, 10, or 15 years. And this month, I started writing out thank you cards for those who have been giving for 20! Thank you so much to our OG donors who have stuck with us and funded the important work of species and habitat protection for two decades! We see and appreciate you. Thank you so much.

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