Volunteer Opportunity at Vail Pass, Vail Pass 7/31-8/1

At the proposed site of the I-70 Wild Byway
RMW biologist Paige took RMW’s Chris and Erica and Denver Zoo’s Kara to the proposed site of the I-70 Wild Byway on May 25.

If you’ve gone to our Colorado Corridors Project Zooniverse page lately, you’ve noticed that we are out of pictures to identify already! Want to be the team that makes sure we get some more?

On 7/31 and 8/1, we’re looking for volunteers to help us move the wildlife cameras! By volunteering your time, you will be helping with wildlife monitoring in support of a proposed wildlife overpass over I-70. Once built, this project will help mitigate the potential impacts of Colorado’s roads on wildlife movement and on wildlife-vehicle collisions. This is a great opportunity to help with wildlife conservation and to see the potential I-70 wildlife overpass site in person!

This project will be a bit taxing. You will be collecting the equipment from their current sites and moving it to a new site in the study area, which will require hiking at high altitude (close to 10,000 feet) and carrying some heavy equipment.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact the project team.

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