Wild Wolf Creek Pass, May 12

Friends of Wolf Creek, Photo by: Alex Pullen
Wolf Creek Pass, Photo by: Alex Pullen
What is It: One of the most important wildlife movement corridors in the nation, and the most important wildlife linkage in the San Juan Mountains.
Species of Concern: Canada lynx, bear, elk, and more
Current Status: Threatened with the construction of a "village" for 10,000 people.

For decades, an out-of-state developer has wanted to build the “Village at Wolf Creek” – a city of 10,000 people, hotels, condos, retail shops, and parking lots – at the top of Wolf Creek Pass.

Wolf Creek Pass is a remote landscape surrounded on all sides by National Forest land. It’s also the most important wildlife linkage in the San Juan Mountains. Connecting the South San Juan Wilderness with the Weminuche Wilderness, this area provides a vital wildlife movement corridor for Canada lynx, bear, elk, and other species.

It is situated in the very heart of the San Juan Core Area for Canada lynx, which comprises the core reintroduction area and the most expansive lynx habitat in the Southern Rockies.


A huge thank you to our Wild Wolf Creek Pass partners:

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Here are some things you can do to learn about the importance of wildlife corridors, and especially the one at Wolf Creek Pass:


For Adults:

For Kids:


For Adults:

  • Donate to the cause to keep Wolf Creek Pass wild. Select “Friends of Wolf Creek” so your donation goes to this cause.
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  • Tweet about it. tweet your opposition to the development make sure to add #NoPillage to your message.

For Kids:


For Adults:

For Kids:

  • Learn about the importance of habitats with “Home Sweet Habitat,” from Crash Course Kids (5 minutes).

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