Greater Sage-Grouse

Greater sage-grouse
Photo from Bob Wick, BLM

A Western Icon at Risk

Once abundant throughout the west, the Greater sage-grouse is threatened by loss of its sagebrush habitat. Oil and gas development, sprawl, human destruction of sagebrush, and invasive weeds like cheat grass have all taken a toll on the Greater sage-grouse’s habitat. When habitat damage takes place, sagebrush ecosystems can take 25-100 years to recover.

How Rocky Mountain Wild is Helping

Rocky Mountain Wild is a key participant in the coalition of groups working to implement large-scale, comprehensive strategies to protect this dwindling species throughout its range. We partner with state wildlife agencies, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), bird experts, and conservation groups to devise creative, win-win solutions to stem further declines in Greater sage-grouse populations and set the species on the path to recovery.