Gender Advancement and Parity in STEM (GAPS)

Photograph: Mind the Gap, courtesy of Jorge Gonzalez (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photograph: Mind the Gap, courtesy of Jorge Gonzalez (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Gender Advancement and Parity in STEM (GAPS) program (previously 100 Women for the Wild) supports our work to reduce gender bias in our field. Donations to this program support paid internships and provide empowering real-world work experiences for people from marginalized genders exploring careers in biology and science. Interns partner with our team members to conduct field research, work on GIS projects, create communications materials, and much more!

For Donors

Each year as a group, we raise funds to support one or more internship positions at Rocky Mountain Wild. These internships are offered to people from historically marginalized genders to help reduce the gender bias in our field.

Previously, our group was called 100 Women for the Wild. That name reflected the intent of our founding members to give back and support the next generation of conservation leaders. “The math is simple – if 100 donors give $100, we can provide ten paid internships and help protect our wildlife and wild lands.” While our goals haven’t changed, we wanted to update the name to reflect the inclusion of and the need for gender advancement and parity in STEM for other marginalized genders.

Donate to the group today! Click on the “Donate Today” button below and select “Gender Advancement and Parity in STEM (GAPS)” under “Direct My Donation” to support this program and the internships it provides. Alternatively, you could support the program through a monthly donation by clicking “Join the Super Species Squad” button below!

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For Interns

Interested in interning for Rocky Mountain Wild? Please see our current internship opening below.

No current positions available, please check back here soon!

If your need for an internship or job is immediate, please see our current listings on our Environmental Action Weekly Round Up pages updated every Friday.

Stay Connected

We keep in contact to share opportunities in our Facebook group. It’s not required that you be a financial supporter to join this group, just that you care about ender the gender bias in our field!

100 Women for the Wild Pika Field Day
Pika Field Day, 7/29/2017. Photos by: left and top right: Andrea Lauritzen; bottom right: Chris Talbot-Heindl