Utah Upcoming Oil and Gas Lease Sales

The Oil & Gas Lease Sales map below shows parcels proposed to be offered for lease by the Bureau of Land Management. This interactive map shows current and upcoming lease sales and their conflicts with wildlife and natural areas. More information on upcoming leases is shown below the map.

Advice on how to use the map: Zoom in to see conservation conflicts. Click on parcels or conservation conflict areas for more information. Scroll through pop-ups for multiple overlapping areas by clicking on the right triangle/arrow.

December 9 – 13, 2019 week Lease Sale

Sale Notice (posted 10/24/2019)

  • Protests must be received by Monday, November 25, 2019. There is important information about how to protest in the Sale Notice (pdf document) starting on page 8. More information and documents about the sale are available on the BLM Utah Oil and Gas Lease Sale web page with additional information in the Press Release and on the Utah December 2019 Lease Sale ePlanning website.
  • According to the Sale Notice, BLM Utah is planning to offer 24 parcels / 13,422.20 acres with 7 parcels / 3,914.82 acres in the Color Country District, 11 parcels / 5,929.65 acres in the Canyon Country District, and 6 parcels / 3,577.73 acres in the Green River District.
  • Rocky Mountain Wild has prepared a screen showing conflicts between the proposed parcels and important wildlife, wilderness and other resource values. Conflicts identified include:
    • White-tailed prairie dog
    • Crucial habitat for elk, mule deer, and pronghorn including crucial winter habitat for elk and mule deer.
    • Priority region for elk and mule deer migration corridors.
    • Small overlap with occupied habitat for greater sage-grouse
    • Areas identified as having wilderness characteristics (Desolation Canyon and Cedar Mountain)
    • Legislatively Proposed Wilderness (Americas Red Rock Wilderness Act – Cedar Mountain, Desolation Canyon, and Monument Canyon)
    • Moab Master Leasing Plan and the proposed San Juan Master Leasing Plan.
    • Lands within 10 miles of Capitol Reef National Park
    • Lands within 10 miles of Bears Ears (Shash Jaa Unit) and Canyon of the Ancients National Monuments.
    • Human-powered recreation footprint 1/4-mile buffer (Outdoor Alliance)
  • Lease Sale Parcels Sale Notice Google Earth (kmz) | Zipped shapefile
  • Lease Sale Parcels Sale Notice ABI Screen, a spreadsheet showing conflicts between the proposed parcels and important wildlife, wilderness and other resource values.

Environmental Assessment (posted 8/29/2019) Lease Sale Parcels EA Google Earth (kmz) | Zipped shapefile; Lease Sale EA parcels ABI Screen.