Key Species

All In This Together
Clay-loving wild buckwheat by Dickson Pratt; Dakota skipper by Phil Delphey/USFWS, Canada lynx by Keith Williams (CC2.0, Flickr), American pika by Dick Orleans, Uinta Basin hookless cactus by Bekee Hotz/USFWS, Kit fox by James Beissel, other images from and

The southern Rocky Mountain region is home to more than 500 rare and imperiled native plant and animal species.  We understand that all of these species are important for maintaining biological diversity. We also understand that time is short, and our resources are limited.  For that reason, our Key Species Program aims to identify and protect keystone and umbrella species that will result in the preservation of entire ecosystems. We also make sure to fight for the little guys, like the tiny butterfly known as the Dakota Skipper, that are likely to be overlooked by bigger national organizations.

Through our Key Species program Rocky Mountain Wild is actively engaged in safeguarding more than two dozen plant and animal species, including the greater sage-grouse, boreal toad, American Pika, and Graham’s penstemon.

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