Nevada Upcoming Oil and Gas Lease Sales

The Oil & Gas Lease Sales map below shows parcels proposed to be offered for lease by the Bureau of Land Management. This interactive map shows current and upcoming lease sales and their conflicts with wildlife and natural areas. More information on upcoming leases is shown below the map.

Advice on how to use the map: Zoom in for more detail. Select the layer list icon in the upper left, expand and turn on conservation_conflicts and other layers and sublayers. Click on parcels or conservation conflict areas for more information. Scroll through pop-ups for multiple overlapping areas by clicking on the right triangle/arrow.

Third Quarter 2023 Lease Sale

The Bureau of Land Management released scoping information for the third quarter 2023 lease sale on November 21 initiating a 30-day comment period. Comments are due Wednesday, December 21, 2022. For more information on how to submit comments see the ePlanning site. There is additional information in the Press Release.

Geospatial data for the proposed parcels: Google Earth (kmz) | GIS Data (zipped shapefile)