Montana Upcoming Oil and Gas Lease Sales

The Oil & Gas Lease Sales map below shows parcels proposed to be offered for lease by the Bureau of Land Management. This interactive map shows current and upcoming lease sales and their conflicts with wildlife and natural areas. More information on upcoming leases is shown below the map.

Advice on how to use the map: Zoom in to see conservation conflicts. Click on parcels or conservation conflict areas for more information. Scroll through pop-ups for multiple overlapping areas by clicking on the right triangle/arrow.

February 2022 Lease Sale

Scoping (Posted 8/31/2021)

  • The comment period runs through Friday, October 1, 2021. Information on how to comment and a link to an electronic comment form are available on the Montana/Dakotas February 2022 Oil and Gas Lease Sale ePlanning website (click on Home on the left panel for instructions and click on Documents or Participate Now for the comment link). Additional information is available in the Dear Reader Letter and general information is available on the Montana-Dakotas BLM Oil and Gas Leasing website.
  • According to the website, documents and GIS data, BLM is proposing to offer 14 parcels/6277 acres in the Miles City Field Office in Montana (with additional parcels in North Dakota). The proposed parcels in Montana are located in Fallon, Powder River, Richland and Roosevelt counties.
  • Conservation conflicts identified include parcels in a greater sage-grouse general habitat management areas, parcels within 10 miles of Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, piping plover critical habitat, and mule deer, pronghorn and whitetail deer winter distribution areas.
  • Lease Sale Parcels Scoping (Montana Only): Google Earth kmz | Zipped shapefile
  • Lease Sale Scoping ABI Screen (Montana only), a spreadsheet showing conflicts between the proposed parcels and important wildlife, wilderness and other resource values.