Stop the destruction of Wolf Creek Pass

We Won! There will be no pillage at Wolf Creek pass.
We Won! There will be no pillage at Wolf Creek pass.

Wolf Creek pass in southwestern Colorado forms the pristine headwaters of the Rio Grande and San Juan Rivers. Bridging the south San Juan and Weminuche Wilderness Areas, the pass is beloved for stunning vistas and ample opportunities for backcountry recreation along the Continental Divide.

It is also one of the most biologically-important areas in the Southern Rockies, providing habitat and migration pathways for elk, deer, black bear, and the threatened Canada lynx. In fact, Wolf Creek Pass hosts some of the best remaining, critical and high-functioning lynx habitat in the state.

The U.S. Forest Service approved a land exchange with a private developer, which will set the stage for a large scale development – 8,000 year-round residence – in some of the most important wildlife habitat in the heart of the West.

Impacts of the proposed development threaten local businesses in nearby Archuleta and Rio Grande counties, unspoiled backcountry recreation opportunities along the Continental Divide, water supply and water quality for downstream communities, rare and ecologically valuable fen wetlands, one of the most critical wildlife corridors in the southern Rocky Mountains, and the scenic beauty of our Colorado wild spaces.

On Endangered Species Day in 2017, Senior Judge Richard P. Matsch decided in favor of our group, nullifying the controversial land exchange at Wolf Creek Pass!

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We have ongoing litigation to try and protect Wolf Creek Pass from this development. If you’d like to support our battle to keep Wolf Creek Pass wild, please donate on our GivingFuel page. Select “Friends of Wolf Creek” under “Direct My Donation.”