Colorado Corridors Project


The Vail Pass Wildlife Byway between Copper Mountain Resort and the top of Vail Pass has long been identified as one of the most important wildlife movement corridors in Colorado. To restore connectivity in the area, three wildlife crossing structures – one overpass and two underpasses – have been recommended to allow wildlife to safely cross I-70. The Colorado Corridors Project is an initiative of Rocky Mountain Wild and the Denver Zoo to engage volunteers in wildlife monitoring at the proposed site for the crossing structures. Volunteers assist with setting up and checking remote-triggered cameras in the field as well as identifying and cataloging species captured on the cameras through Zooniverse.

The wildlife data that volunteers help us collect through this project will be used to assess the effectiveness of the Vail Pass Wildlife Byway by comparing data collected before and after construction of the overpass.

So, be a citizen scientist and help us identify wildlife from the cameras on I-70, and support building a wildlife bridge so that they can cross safely! To volunteer in the field, fill out our volunteer form and select “Colorado Corridors Project Fieldwork” under “Is there a program you wish to volunteer with?” To volunteer on Zooniverse, visit the platform and get cataloging!