Wolf Reintroduction Efforts

Wolves once roamed the snow-capped peaks and rim rock canyons of the West, but their howl has been missing from Western Colorado for 75 years. Despite successful reintroduction efforts in Yellowstone and elsewhere in the west, wolves remain absent throughout Colorado.

Wolf restoration in Colorado is supported by state and federal endangered species laws, reliable conservation science, and the presence of extensive and highly suitable habitat and prey populations.

Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

Rocky Mountain Wolf ProjectRocky Mountain Wild is part of the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, a coalition that aims to improve public understanding of gray wolf behavior, ecology, and options for re-establishing the species in Colorado. Through the coalition, Rocky Mountain Wild works to disseminate science-based information about wolves and to dispel existing myths, engage Coloradans about the reality of co-existing with wolves, and cultivate enthusiasm among Coloradans about returning wolves to the Western half of the state.

For more information about the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project as well as access to their extensive content library on these topics, visit their webpage.