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But first, here’s what we’ve been up to most recently:
  • We are currently doing a multi-avenue campaign to protect Gunnison sage-grouse habitat by encouraging the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to protect critical habitat during the land-use plan update currently going on. The campaign has 1-minute, 2-minute, and Gunny Superhero actions that anyone can take to influence this decision, including signing our petition. #StandWithGunny
  • We’ve been working with a coalition of organizations called Friends of Wolf Creek to stop the proposed “village” at Wolf Creek Pass. We have submitted our final brief for the merits case and now we wait to see what Judge Matsch has to say. He could schedule a hearing or he could rule on it right away. Fingers crossed, we could see an end to this development and lasting protections for Wolf Creek Pass and the species that depend on it to live. Here’s our latest blog post explaining what the “village” could do to Canada lynx.
  • We’ve been working with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to find and map lands with wilderness characteristics. Using our Assessment of Biological Impact tool, we advocate for their protection.
  • We have been monitoring along I-70 using wildlife cameras, and we have hundreds of thousands of images to look through! Our monitoring project documents the animals in the I-70 Wild Byway’s proposed site so that we can help inform the bridge design. We’ve also been working with the Denver Zoo to build an interactive website where citizen scientists can help us identify the wildlife that are captured in the photos!
  • We are currently analyzing, with our partner, the Denver Zoo, all the data we received this summer for our Front Range Pika Project, which is a long-term study of the changes in the distribution of American pika.
  • We’re also hosting a Gunny Sage-grouse Roadshows. This is a traveling pop up outreach series of events for our #StandWithGunny campaign to get postcards signed to influence the BLM to protect Gunnison sage-grouse habitat. RMW’s Campaign Assistant, Erica Prather, has made this great quirky film to show the need for action to protect Gunny.
  • RMW is teaming up again this March with San Juan Citizens Alliance to bring the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Durango, CO. Be sure to join us on March 11 to see the world’s best mountain films!
Those are the highlights of our major programs currently. If you would like to get involved in any of them, please do let us know! We definitely have volunteer opportunities. We also have opportunities to support our work by becoming a member or a donor.
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