Pikas: Good Valentine’s Gift, Bad Valentine’s Date

Banner is a split image. On the left hand side, text says "Pika adoptions DO make great Valentine's gifts" There is a photograph of a plush American pika underneath. On the right side, text says "Pikas DO NOT make great Valentine's dates" Beneath that is a photograph of two American pikas fighting with the text "POW!"
Photo on the right, courtesy of Dick Orleans.

The research is clear: pikas do not make great Valentine’s dates, but they do make great Valentine’s gifts!

We don’t recommend making a fiercely territorial pika your Valentine this Valentine’s Day, but we do recommend showing your Valentine how much you love them and the world they live in by giving them the gift of an adopted pika! Your sweetie will get an adorable plush pika (filled with environmentally-friendly recycled plastic) and an adoption e-certificate. Plus, you will both feel good knowing that your purchase helped fund much-needed research on the impacts of climate change, as proceeds from the sales go toward our community science program, the Colorado Pika Project!

Is your Valentine not a pika person? We’ve got bats too!

We have a limited number of little brown bat adoptions available. Your sweeting will get an adorable plush little brown bat (filled with environmentally-friendly recycled plastic), an adoption e-certificate, and a flyer with more information about bats. The proceeds from sales go toward our community science program, Colorado Bat Watch.

Is your Valentine not a bat buddy either? Or have you given up accumulating stuff for the new year?

Not to worry! You can donate in honor of your Valentine! Help Rocky Mountain Wild achieve all of our goals in 2023, including identifying and mapping the climate refugia in our region, developing a legion of community scientists to study the species in our region, maintaining and restoring wildlife corridors so that species can move through the landscape, and supporting the larger conservation community and individual activists with science-based tools for effective advocacy. If you donate in honor of your Valentine, we’ll send you an e-certificate of donation to share with them.

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