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Weekly round-up of environmental events/actions/educational and recreational opportunities and volunteer projects.

Mural by Detour and Hiero Veiga.
Mural by Detour and Hiero Veiga. Please take action to stand up and demand an immediate end to police brutality and defend Black life.

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Below, we have things you can do for Black Lives Matter, environmental activities you can do safely from home, and resources if you are being negatively impacted by coronavirus.

If you have something you would like included in the next round-up, please email Chris at chris@rockymountainwild.org.

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Black Lives Matter

For those looking for ways in which to stand up and demand an immediate end to police brutality and defend Black life, here are some resources:

Measures to support in Denver/Colorado:

  1. UPDATE: This has passed! In Colorado, tell your legislators you support SB 217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity. It’s best if you directly contact your legislators and explain why you support it in your own words, but if you find that difficult, you can also sign this petition (or both).
  2. UPDATE: This passed unanimously! In Denver Public Schools, a resolution has been presented that would remove Denver Police officers from Denver Public Schools entirely. Tell the Board that you support this resolution.

Actions to take:

Groups to listen to, donate to, and follow the lead of:

Places to donate to:

Resources to learn more:

How to protest safely and equitably:

Organizations working towards equity in the outdoors:

Environmental Activities to Do From Home

For those looking for educational things to do with their kids (or to do yourself; these are quite good things), here are some excellent resources:

Resources here in Colorado if you need some help right now:

Food Resources:

Shelters and Housing:

Unsafe Stay-At Home Situations:

Mental Health Resources:

Knowledge About Bills and Executive Orders That Could Help:

  • Unemployment claim payments have been expedited. As of April 20th, self-employed and gig workers can make unemployment claims.
  • Federally-serviced student loan borrowers are allowed to defer payments until September 30th with no interest or penalty.

If you know of a resource that should be on this list but isn’t, please let me know.

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