Environmental Actions Weekly Round Up

A mural of Elijah McClain painted on a building in Denver
Elijah McClain mural, painted by Thomas Evans (Detour303) in Denver. Photo by Thomas Evans.

Every Friday, we post ways that you can contribute to making our region a greener place, including events, community science projects, jobs, internships, scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and direct actions.

We have also included things you can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you have something you would like included in the next round-up, please email Chris at chris@rockymountainwild.org.

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BIPOC Experiences on Colorado Public Lands

Next 100 Colorado is launching a pilot project to collect information about the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of color on public lands in Colorado. They hope to capture the good, the bad, and everything in between, in service of better understanding the experiences of BIPOC in our publicly owned spaces and, if needed, creating or modifying policies to make our outdoors more inclusive of all people. Please help us get the word out about this effort, and encourage your BIPOC friends, colleagues, and family to share their experiences, whether recent or from the past. More information and a link to the collection form is available here.

2021 Mountain Resilience Semester: Immersion in People, Places, and Environment

An experiential undergraduate gap semester integrating climate change resiliency, sustainability, alpine ecosystems, wilderness expeditions, and mountain communities in partnership with the Center for Mountain Transitions at Western Colorado University. Students from across the nation are coming together in Colorado’s mountains to explore this question: What does resiliency in mountain communities look like in the face of climate change? Through this landscape-based experiential immersive semester program students will build community, earn undergraduate credits, explore wilderness, and learn how to take action back in their home communities building resiliency and stronger relationships. Rolling application process at www.western.edu/mountainresiliencesemester

2021 Bears Ears Field School: Co-Management of Public Ancestral Lands

Western Colorado University, the Center for Public Lands, and National Geographic Explorers are hosting a field school October 4-8th, 2021 on co-management of public ancestral lands. The field school will focus on the Bears Ears landscape as a case study to explore successes, limitations, challenges and barriers of co-management. It will take place at several different locations near the Bears Ears National Monument. The field school is intended to serve a variety of audiences from public land managers, Indigenous Tribes, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and other parties who are interested in furthering their skills in intercultural communication, social justice, and collaborative resource management. Learn more and apply by June 30.

Endangered Species Coalition Activist Training Lab

During the year-long Activist Training Lab program, you will be part of a cohort of 12 – 16 people from across the United States, of different ages and backgrounds, who all care about protecting our planet and our people. Together, you will attend engaging webinars every other week and gain hands-on experience with organizing. Whether you want to expand your skills as a volunteer activist, take the first step towards a career in organizing, or learn how to act on a pressing issue in your community, this program could be a great fit – and it only requires 10 hours of your time each month.

If you have a passion for protecting biodiversity, advancing environmental justice, and making an impact through grassroots organizing, apply now! Marginalized communities are often “hurt first and worst” due to biodiversity loss. Therefore, we especially encourage you to apply if you identify with a traditionally marginalized community, including (but not limited to) people of color, Indigenous people, youth, senior, and LGBTQ+ , low-income, and/or immigrant community. Applications are due June 30th, 2021 and the program will start in September 2021.

Black Lives Matter Actions & Resources

For those looking for ways in which to stand up and demand an immediate end to police brutality and defend Black life, here are some resources:

Environmental Activities to Do From Home

For those looking for educational things to do with their kids (or to do yourself; these are quite good things), here are some excellent resources:

Resources here in Colorado if you need some help right now

For those struggling with coronavirus related issues, here are some resources including food resources, shelter and housing resources, unsafe stay-at-home situation resources, mental health resources, and more:

Events Happening In-Person

For those who feel safe, here are some events happening in person. Please practice proper distancing and wear your mask while taking part in these events:

Events Happening Online

Here’s a list of environmental events, happening online:

Community Science Projects

Here are some community science projects you can sign up for. Please keep in mind that due to coronavirus some of these projects may not be immediately available this field season:

Jobs and Internships

Here are some job and internship openings in environmental fields. For equity reasons, we only post job postings with transparent salary ranges.

Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act went into effect on January 1 and requires that pay rates or ranges in job postings that will be or could be done in Colorado (including remote work) be posted. Colorado’s minimum wage is currently $12.32. The City of Denver’s minimum wage is currently $14.77. Colorado’s minimum salary for exempt workers is $40,500:

Volunteer Positions

Here are some volunteer positions. Please practice proper distancing and wear your mask while taking part in any in-person volunteer opportunities:

Direct Environmental Actions

Urgent actions (those will deadlines fast approaching):

New actions since last week:

Rocky Mountain Wild’s older (but still relevant) actions:

Action Resources:

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