Environmental Actions Weekly Round-Up

Events & Activities:

Black Lives Matter

For those looking for ways in which to stand up and demand an immediate end to police brutality and defend Black life, here are some resources:

Measures to support in Denver/Colorado:

  1. UPDATE: This has passed! In Colorado, tell your legislators you support SB 217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity. It’s best if you directly contact your legislators and explain why you support it in your own words, but if you find that difficult, you can also sign this petition (or both).
  2. UPDATE: This passed unanimously! In Denver Public Schools, a resolution has been presented that would remove Denver Police officers from Denver Public Schools entirely. Tell the Board that you support this resolution.

Actions to take:

Groups to listen to, donate to, and follow the lead of:

Places to donate to:

Resources to learn more:

How to protest safely and equitably:

Organizations working towards equity in the outdoors:

Environmental Activities to Do From Home

For those looking for educational things to do with their kids (or to do yourself; these are quite good things), here are some excellent resources:

Resources here in Colorado if you need some help right now:

Food Resources:

Shelters and Housing:

Unsafe Stay-At Home Situations:

Mental Health Resources:

Knowledge About Bills and Executive Orders That Could Help:

  • Unemployment claim payments have been expedited. As of April 20th, self-employed and gig workers can make unemployment claims.
  • Federally-serviced student loan borrowers are allowed to defer payments until September 30th with no interest or penalty.

If you know of a resource that should be on this list but isn’t, please let me know.

Events happening in-person (online events are on the next page):

  • 7/8 Hunter Creek Valley – Hunter Creek Wildlife Walk with ACES. Join Wilderness Workshop and the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) for a morning wildflower walk in the Hunter Creek Valley. Jim Kravitz, ACES Naturalist Programs Director, will co-lead this walk through the montane ecosystem identifying summer wildflowers. Wilderness Workshop
  • 7/12 Hack Lake – Flat Top Hike to Hack Lake. Explore your BLM Wildlands with Wilderness Workshop. The first in a three-part series of hikes and bike rides on Bureau of Land Management lands within the Colorado River Valley Field Office, this bicycle- or vehicle-assisted loop hike to Hack Lake is rich with views, wildflowers, and adventure. Hikers on the Ute-Sweetwater Trail will gradually climb 2,200 feet over 5 miles to reach the wooded, small, and deep green Hack Lake. After Hack Lake, we’ll join the Johnny Meyers trail, mostly flat for 3 miles, before heading down a steep basin for another 3 miles. There is an easy stream crossing near the end of this “almost-loop,” so expect to get your feet wet! Once we rejoin the Sweetwater Lake Rd., we will hop on our bikes or in our cars that we dropped at the beginning of the day and finish the last 1.5 miles of the loop on a rolling dirt road. This is sure to be a great adventure! Wilderness Workshop
  • 7/18 TBD – The Mushroom Walk. Join Wilderness Workshop for a mushroom walk in the woods, location to be determined. We hope that some late-season rain will be a boon to our fungal friends. On this lovely walk, we will learn how to spot edible mushrooms and properly forage with a minimal ecological footprint. Bring a folding knife to cut mushrooms. Foraging for wild edibles is just one of many ways to get out and enjoy our public lands, and we are thrilled to have the guidance of Hamilton Pevec, who has been studying, collecting, cultivating and cooking with Rocky Mountain mushrooms for over a decade. Wilderness Workshop
  • 7/19 Wilder Gulch – Join Walking Mountains Science Center and researchers with the Colorado Corridors Project for a moderate day hike up Wilder Gulch, near Vail Pass. Learn about the Vail Pass Wildlife Byway, and how citizen scientists are helping gather crucial data in the effort to build safe wildlife passages across, and under, I-70. This moderate hike will take you from the shoulders of I-70 up to Ptarmigan Pass, above tree line, and in the heart of the White River National Forest. Along the trail we will learn about why this area is so important to our valley’s iconic wildlife species and what is being done to help protect these species for the future. Pre-registration is required. Walking Mountains Science Center
  • 7/19 Glenwood Springs – Semana de Conservación Latina – Grizzly Creek Caminata Familiar y Picnic. Ven y celebra la semana de conservación latina con nosotros! Esta caminata es una caminata bilingüe y guiada así que empaca tu mochila y únete a Wilderness Workshop en una caminata y picnic familiar por Grizzly Creek Trail, cerca de Glenwood Springs. Esta caminata es apropiada para familias y niños de 10 años en adelante. El sendero continúa durante varios kilómetros, sin embargo nosotros cubriremos un total de 3 o 4 sobre la parte plana del sendero. El sendero corre junto a un arroyo a través de un hermoso cañón cerca del Río Colorado en el corredor de I-70. Esta caminata brindará amplias oportunidades para observar aves a lo largo del arroyo, hacer un picnic y aprender sobre las extensas tierras públicas en nuestra área, y cómo puede disfrutarlas y cuidarlas. Wilderness Workshop ofrecerá un almuerzo tipo picnic. Wilderness Workshop
  • 7/19 Glenwood Springs – Latino Conservation Week – Grizzly Creek Family Hike and Picnic. Join our Latino Conservation Week celebration. Pack your backpack and join Wilderness Workshop on a family-friendly hike and picnic up the Grizzly Creek Trail, near Glenwood Springs. This gentle hike is appropriate for families with kids ages 7 and up. While the trail continues for several miles, we’ll go for just 3 or 4 miles total along the mostly flat, first part of the trail. The trail parallels the creek through a beautiful canyon near the Colorado River on the I-70 corridor. This hike will provide ample opportunity for bird watching, picnicking and learning about the extensive public lands in our area, as well as how you can enjoy them and care for them. This hike will be led by English and Spanish speaking guides. Wilderness Workshop
  • 7/18-26 Across the US – Latino Conservation Week. Latino Conservation Week: Disfrutando y Conservando Nuestra Tierra is an initiative of Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF). Latino Conservation Week was created to support the Latino community getting into the outdoors and participating in activities to protect our natural resources. During this week, community, non-profit, faith-based, and government organizations and agencies hold events throughout the country. From hiking and camping to community roundtables and film screenings, these activities promote conservation efforts in their community, and provide an opportunity for Latinos to show their support for permanently protecting our land, water, and air. Latino Conservation Week

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