Environmental Actions Weekly Round-Up

Events happening online:

  • Through 7/15 Anywhere – Hide and Go Sheep Scavenger Hunt. Welcome to Sheep Mountain Alliance’s Hide and Go Sheep scavenger hunt! You, your family, and friends have 15 days to discover your backyard, find wildlife, and practice some environmental activism. Check out our instagram and this facebook page for updates throughout the challenge, and make sure to tag #hideandgosheep on Instagram, or send your photos, links, or videos to info@sheepmountainallliance.org. Sheep Mountain Alliance
  • Through 7/17 Anywhere – Colorado Connectivity Day Kids’ Art Contest. Roads can be one of the biggest and most deadly obstacles for wildlife to cross from one area of habitat to another. It can also result in damages and injuries to vehicles and passengers! A “Win-Win” solution allows wildlife and people to travel safely. You can help us spread the word by creating your very own, custom-designed wildlife connectivity structure! You can draw it, paint it, build it out of clay or building blocks, or anything else you can think of to help wild creatures safely cross roads. Then email it to us by July 1st and our judges will pick the best ones to be shared on our website and during Habitat Connectivity celebrations. Even more important you will be helping us spread the word on how important habitat connectivity is to the wild animals of Colorado and beyond! Endangered Species Coalition
  • Through 9/30 Anywhere – Science Adventure Challenge. KSS magic doesn’t stop when you leave our campus. Here are fun at-home activities to get you outside to play and think creatively. New challenges are posted each week and coincide with current Day Camp activities. Pick any or all of the challenges below, take a picture of yourself completing the challenge, and share it with KSS and #ScienceAdventureCHALLENGE on Facebook or Instagram. Keystone Science School
  • 7/7 Anywhere – Screening and Discussion The Condor & The Eagle: Ground Zero for Climate Justice. Come together virtually to watch award-winning documentary, hear from the filmmakers, protagonists and Sierra Club organizers, and unite our communities in the movement for Indigenous rights and climate justice. Sierra Club
  • 7/8 Anywhere – Colorado TU Teens LIVE Virtual Youth Camp. In lieu of this year’s River Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp, Colorado Trout Unlimited will be hosting a series of five, two hour virtual camp events called TU Teen LIVE. Using Zoom, we will cover various topics in relation to Trout Unlimited’s mission and fly fishing. Participants will get a virtual tour of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife hatchery, learn more about their watershed, determine how to select their fly based on macroinvertebrates, and meet a panel of people who have careers in water conservation or fishing. There are only 20 spots available, so secure your ticket today! Colorado Trout Unlimited
  • 7/8 Anywhere – Colorado’s Energy Future: Making Sure Wildlife is Protected. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), the state board that approves drilling permits and regulates the oil and gas industry, is undergoing important changes that will impact Colorado’s wildlife! The COGCC was previously directed to “foster” development of the state’s oil and gas resources and to balance energy development with impacts to public health, the environment, and wildlife. Legislation passed last year – SB 19-181 – changed the COGCC’s mission to specify that energy development must be done safely and require that the COGCC protect wildlife from oil and gas impacts when issuing permits. BUT the important details of how this will be done is being considered right now and the COGCC needs to hear from people who care about birds and wildlife! Join us for this free, one-hour webinar – organized by conservation and hunting/angling groups – where you’ll hear from local experts. They will give you the inside scoop on what’s happening and provide guidance on how you can help make a difference. Audubon
  • 7/8 Anywhere – Cast a Line – A Family Fishing Event. This yea’rs Cast a Line is casting across state lines! We are honored to be highlighting a very special guest – Malik Wilder, of Atlanta’s Fishing for Hip Hop! Malik will lead an important discussion on the importance of introducing young people to the outdoors. As always, youth will receive their very own fishing rods! Environmental Learning for Kids
  • 7/9 Anywhere – Wild & Scenic Foody Films. A selection of Wild & Scenic Film Festival’s past Official Selections will be featured in a Live Virtual Event. These food-themed films will be broadcast live online in partnership with the BriarPatch Food Co-op. Wild & Scenic Film Festival
  • 7/9 Anywhere – Introduction to Public Lands. Learn more about The Wilderness Society’s Public Lands Curriculum through an hour-long introductory webinar. The curriculum examines public lands management and history with an emphasis on inequities and injustices. It is intended as a tool to foster understanding, dialogue, and action around building a more equitable, just conservation movement and public lands system. During the webinar,, we will discuss the intentions, development, and content of the curriculum, and explore some of the ways that organizations are implementing the material. Together, we can consider how we may use this resource to support equity work in conservation and beyond. The Wilderness Society
  • 7/9 Anywhere – Saving Life on Earth: A Discussion on Contraception, Consumption, and Conservation. Human population growth and overconsumption are at the root of our most pressing environmental problems, including the wildlife extinction crisis, habitat loss and climate change. Join us to learn how the Center tackles these critical issues that many environmental groups would rather not talk about. Center for Biological Diversity
  • 7/9 Anywhere – PNW Forest Collaboratives Workshop Series Part 2: Collaborative Administrative and Judicial Review Opportunities. In this follow-up webinar to NEPA 101, WELC attorney Susan Jane Brown will give a presentation on and answer your questions about collaborative administrative and judicial review opportunities, and dig deeper into the administrative review process for the Forest Service, judicial review of agency decisions, and how collaborative groups can engage in these processes. Sustainable Northwest
  • 7/11 Anywhere – Join NPCA for Climate Rise, a one-day virtual rally to show our solidarity with our fellow humans and nonprofits in this time of crisis. As we all know, the climate crisis is on-going and despite the clearer skies, the need for action is more urgent than ever. National Parks Conservation Association
  • 7/12 Anywhere – Community, Joy & Liberation for Underrepresented People in the Outdoors. Want to get more involved in the outdoors but feel like it’s not for people “like you?” Worried that racism, fatphobia, queerphobia, etc. threaten your safety on the trail? Ready to be more adventurous in the outdoors but your fears are holding you back? Would a plan help you feel more comfortable? If this sounds like you, then take this course! Fat, Black, queer hiker and weightlifter Amanda Gilliam invites participants to create a radical vision of belonging in the outdoors that honors their identities and lived experiences. Through an engaging afternoon of shared storytelling and reflection, participants will be empowered to identify and challenge barriers to their outdoors experience, build inclusive communities, and draft personalized action plans to get outside and claim joy in the outdoors as a radical act of resistance. Kula Cloth
  • 7/12 Anywhere – Design a Rain Garden Webinar. Learn how to create your own rain garden oasis! Rain gardens are beautiful gardens, full of native plants, that are watered only with the rain. During this workshop we will cover design, sizing, and plant choice to conserve water and save money on your water bill! Headwaters Institute
  • 7/14 Anywhere – Protecting Our Forests: Planning the GMUG’s Future. Join a collection of conservation groups to learn more about forest planning, the plan currently under review in Western Colorado, and how you can play a role in deciding how our public lands will be managed. High Country Conservation Advocates
  • 7/14 Anywhere – Ideas RoundUp: Civic Engagement and Public Participation. The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute recently launched Ideas RoundUP, a discussion series to consider the land use implications of the twin crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial inequity that has long divided this country. The second discussion in the series will focus on Civic Engagement and Public Participation, looking at how to make public forums more inclusive and land use decisions more equitable. Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute
  • 7/15 Anywhere – Public Lands, We the People: Local Parks to Public Lands: Access for Communities, By Communities. From dense urban centers to rural communities, opportunities to enjoy the benefits of nature and access outdoor spaces can be limited. During this second session of the series, Public Lands, We the People, hear and learn from experts in the realms of community-led park development, open space and public lands as they come together to share recent efforts that move communities closer to achieving equitable access to the outdoors and their co-benefits. The Aspen Institute
  • 7/15 Anywhere – Habitat Connectivity Spotlight: Mary Ellen Hannibal from Wildland’s Network discusses Corridors Across the US. Western Slope Connectivity Project
  • 7/15 Anywhere – America’s Grizzly Bears: Not Out of the Woods Yet. After near extermination, the grizzly bear was listed under the Endangered Species Act in July, 1975. While grizzly bears have come back from the brink of extinction in the last 45 years, threats continue to imperil the bear. Learn about the history of the grizzly bear and the legal and policy advocacy efforts aimed at protecting these great carnivores. WildEarth Guardians
  • 7/15 Anywhere – Wow! All About Birds. This session is dedicated to the main topic of Audubon: birds. Campers will experience a dynamic, hands-on, and interactive virtual summer camp dedicated to the anatomy and behavior of birds. From tiny migratory songbirds to giant apex predatory raptors, campers will leave this session with a sense of wonder and awe for the amazing adaptations of birds. Registration closes July 9. Audubon Rockies
  • 7/16 Anywhere – Next 100 Colorado Ally Webinar. Allies and partners: Please join Next 100 Colorado for a webinar on July 16 from 1-2 p.m. Mountain. We’ll update our partners and allies on our membership, active projects, and needs. Get to know Next 100 Colorado’s members and priorities and learn how you can support us in fighting for more equitable outdoor spaces in our state. Next 100 Colorado
  • 7/17 Anywhere – PNW Forest Collaboratives Workshop Series Part 3: Historical Range of Variability (HRV): Uses and Various Approaches. Range of Variability (ROV) concepts – including Natural (NRV), Historic (HRV), Current (CRV), and Future (FRV) – are frequently used by the US Forest Service to help define land management goals. Nathan Poage, Forest Service Ecologist, joins us to provide an introduction to ROV terminology and examples of how the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests in the Blue Mountains have applied ROV concepts during project planning when addressing key requirements of the Eastside Screens. The discussion will include overviews of tools commonly used to conduct ROV analyses. Q&A will follow the presentation. Sustainable Northwest
  • 7/18-26 Across the US – Latino Conservation Week. Latino Conservation Week: Disfrutando y Conservando Nuestra Tierra is an initiative of Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF). Latino Conservation Week was created to support the Latino community getting into the outdoors and participating in activities to protect our natural resources. During this week, community, non-profit, faith-based, and government organizations and agencies hold events throughout the country. From hiking and camping to community roundtables and film screenings, these activities promote conservation efforts in their community, and provide an opportunity for Latinos to show their support for permanently protecting our land, water, and air. Latino Conservation Week
  • 7/19 Fort Collins – Rain Barrels 101 Webinar. We are excited to be able to still host our rain barrel workshops this summer! To increase safety, we are delivering the education via webinar and holding a rain barrel and conversion kit curbside pick-up on July 18th (the day before the webinar). The pick-up location will be in Fort Collins. You will receive additional information closer to the event. Headwaters Education
  • 7/20-31 Anywhere – Virtual Leave No Trace Trainer Course for Educators. Using the unique online alternative format developed by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, this LNT Trainer Course will give participants LNT skills and ethics as well as techniques for effectively sharing these low impact practices with students of all ages. This course is specifically for educators who take youth outdoors for single or multi-day courses. Research has shown that this course significantly improves participant knowledge and understanding of how Leave No Trace protects the outdoor places we love. Participants will prepare a lesson to teach virtually during the course (topics organized by the instructor). This virtual alternative curriculum fulfills the requirements of the standard Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Trainer Course only during the 2020 summer. Wild Rose Education
  • 7/22 Anywhere – How to write an effective public comment: COGCC Mission Change. Tell the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commision (COGCC) to approve the new mission change. Protégete has been working to keep Colorado’s air clean and safe to breathe. We must continue to keep public health as a priority for lawmakers. Come learn about the COGCC and write a comment to ask them to protect public health. We will walk through how to write an effective written comment and guide you through the process to submit written testimony. Conservation Colorado
  • 7/22 Anywhere – Habitat Connectivity Spotlight: Vincent Ontito discusses International Corridors. Western Slope Connectivity Project
  • 7/22 Anywhere – First Known Man’s and Woman’s Ascents of Pikes Peak. Which Native Americans might have first summited the 14,000′ heights of Pikes Peak, we do not know. But the stories of the adventuring young European-American woman and man first known to reach the peak are well worth retelling. Join Colorado storyteller, John Stansfield, to hear about the natural and personal discoveries when Edwin James, in 1820, and Julia Archibald Holmes, in 1858, made their climbs. Historic illustrations will enliven the stories. Appropriate for school-age children to adults. Wild Connections
  • 7/22 Anywhere – Habitat Heroes. Plants are the true superheroes of the world, harnessing the power of the sun for all of us! But how do plants take in this energy? What do they do once they get it? These questions and more will be answered in this session about plants. Campers will have hands-on demonstrations, learn about native and invasive plants, and even have a native plant to grow on their own. And in doing so they’ll build stronger and more diverse habitats for birds and other wildlife in their communities. Registration closes July 13. Audubon Rockies
  • 7/22-24 Anywhere – Stay-IN-Stitute for Climate Change Education. Join us for a virtual training on climate change education together with educators from around the country. Gain the skills, tools, and resources to teach climate change concepts and empower students in all subject areas, and receive on-going support throughout the year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of our communities, we are holding the Summer Institute, originally planned to take place at Hamline University, as a virtual conference! Not only that, we are also teaming up with some fantastic partners from NOAA’s Climate Program and The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program! Climate Generation
  • 7/29 Anywhere – Public Lands, We the People: Connecting the Continent: Conservation that Unites People, Lands, and Wildlife. The virtual exchange on July 29th, the third and final session in the Public Lands, We the People virtual series, will focus on the role of national public lands in sustaining a resilient natural network that will help human communities, wildlife, pollinators and the larger web of life to thrive in the face of habitat loss and climate change. With the right policies and partnerships, our public lands and waters—some of the highest quality strongholds of nature left on the planet—can be connected in a continental system that provides clean air, drinking water and refuge for all. The Aspen Institute
  • 7/29 Anywhere – Owl Prowl. Our third virtual summer camp session is dedicated to the hooting, silent-flying, and pellet spitting owls of the Rockies! Campers will be guided through a dissection of an owl pellet, learning the various types of food sources that owls will eat during their nocturnal hunts.  Registration closes July 20. Audubon Rockies
  • 7/30 Anywhere – Climate Change and the Ocean. Presented by Deborah Bronk, President and CEO Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. One unintended consequence of a society powered by fossil fuels is a massive alteration of Earth’s atmosphere. These alterations affect the ocean in many ways. Join us for a conversation about how the ocean is changing and what we can do about it. Great Old Broads for Wilderness
  • 7/30 Anywhere – History, Power, Immortality, and Wildlife Demand webinar. Join the Wolf Conservation Center and Professor Mary Ting on July 30, 2020, for a visual historical overview of the Chinese market for wildlife products. From fauna to flora, native to exotic, farmed to wild caught, countless species are imperiled for use as household decor, fashion items, traditional medicine and wellness products, luxury food, and exotic pets, entertainment and research experimentation. This complex topic is often simplified by the media and deserving of a more nuanced examination. Professor Ting will discuss the relationship of wildlife trade to zoonotic diseases, illegal /legal products, role of marketing, how we got to this current point, positive changes, future concerns and a path forward. The talk will also touch on the parallel and related U.S. wildlife trade industry as well as non-Chinese traditional medicine markets. Wolf Conservation Center
  • 8/3-5 Anywhere – Public Lands of the United States: Designations, History, and Today. During this 3 day virtual professional development workshop expand your knowledge of public lands in America and how you might teach others about federal public lands. Wild Rose Education
  • 8/5 Anywhere – Wild About Water. Wonderful water everywhere, we’re going to get wet!  Wild About Water is a session dedicated to the most precious resource. Campers will learn firsthand how a water system can affect the plants and animals around it, even humans! But what is inside water that makes it “clean” or “dirty”? Campers will test water, learn about feathers, water adaptations, and more!  Registration closes July 27. Audubon Rockies
  • 8/20-21 Keystone, CO – 2020 Water Educator Symposium and Project WET Workshop. Are you an educator who teaches adults or school-age children about water in Colorado?  Join us for our annual Water Educator Symposium and Project WET workshop at Keystone Science School, August 20-21! Water Education Colorado
  • 8/25-26 Anywhere – Summit For Recycling Conference. The annual Summit for Recycling is Colorado’s only conference and exhibition that brings together businesses and organizations dedicated to the principles of the circular economy and material waste reduction, recovery and diversion. This is the 31st year of the conference. Recycle Colorado
  • 8/29 Anywhere – Snow Ball Masque-Fur-Aid. We will be streaming LIVE from a secret location on the evening of August 29th where you can join in the fun for a Zoom style party to bid on Live Auction Items and participate in our virtual Paddle Raiser! Virtual ticket prices are available at $25.00 to join, which includes access to the live event, an opportunity to hear from guest speaker and world renowned wolf biologist Rick McIntyre, learn more about how to access Rick’s new book— The Rise of Wolf 8, and meet our W.O.L.F. animal ambassadors! W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
  • 10/2-4 Telluride – The Physical Stuff of Your Life (and how to use it to gain access to the emotional stuff): A Generative Workshop by Pam Houston. Great Old Broads for Wilderness
  • 10/6-8 Avon – Sustaining Colorado Watersheds 2020 Conference. For 2020 we’ll be focusing on work that challenges the status quo, represents different perspectives around any given issue, or highlights new partnerships and/or business models that are helping to sustain and advance projects, programs or even entire organizations. Colorado Watershed Assembly

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