Environmental Actions Weekly Round-Up

Trainings, Workshops, & Webinars:

  • 7/20-21 Crested Butte – 2019 Crested Butte Wildlife & Reflections Workshop. Join Colorado’s premier landscape photographer, John Fielder, in the wildflower capital of Colorado on a 2-day workshop. Long summer days afford ample opportunity to travel the backroads and explore remote field locations with John. Let him lead you into his colorful world of vast wildflower fields in his favorite – and most secret – places. If snow pack allows access, catch the sunset at Paradise Divide as the last light illuminates Cinnamon Mountain and, the next morning, experience sunrise at Peanut Lake. It never disappoints! John Fielder’s Colorado
  • 7/25, 7/27, and 8/3 Boulder – Wily Wetlands and Grasslands of South Boulder Creek. Riparian corridors and their associated floodplains support plants from some challenging taxonomic groups (e.g., grasses, rushes and sedges). Come explore many of these species as well as other plants and the general ecology of the wet meadows, ditch borders, and floodplains of South Boulder Creek. The indoor class will introduce wetland and floodplain characteristics, describe adaptations that allow these plants to survive, and provide a visual tour of Colorado’s mesic grasslands and wetlands. Field sessions will highlight the dominant wetland sedges and mesic grasses, but we’ll also touch on the woody overstory of riparian corridors and the woody and/or herbaceous understories and floodplains. This class won’t be overly technical and will allow folks to get their feet as wet as they chose. Having a 10X hand lens or other magnifying glass during the field portion will enhance your enjoyment, but all that is really required is an open mind. Boulder County Nature Association
  • 8/14 and 8/18 Boulder – Extraordinary Odonata – Dragonflies! This fun course introduces beginners to the Odonata – better known as dragonflies and damselflies, and often considered the masters of flight in the insect world. We will search for flashy bugs like Calico Pennants, Wandering Gliders, and Vivid Dancers to name but a few of the nearly 60 species in Boulder County. We will learn about their nymph life phase as fierce aquatic predators, and how to best approach these jumpy fliers for photography and observation. Boulder County Nature Association
  • 9/3 Longmont – Habitat Hero Gardening Seminar: Plant it and They Will Come! Boulder County Audubon Society is delighted to offer this half-day seminar focused on native plants and insects. Learn how front range gardeners can help offset the profound losses we are experiencing as ever more development consumes essential habitats. We would like to thank Connie Holsinger, founder of the Habitat Hero program, for underwriting this event. Boulder County Audubon Society
  • 10/8-10 Avon – 2019 Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference. The 2019 conference will explore the influence of The Human Element on water and watersheds in Colorado and the West. Our growing human presence and resulting impacts on watersheds is undeniable. At the same time, our human experiences and social/emotional connections to watersheds are integral components to be considered in the work to preserve, protect and restore our watersheds. Together we will delve into our impacts and connections. We will look for ways our influence can be fostered and mitigated to avoid loving our home to death. Colorado Watershed Assembly
  • 11/13-16 Denver – State Environmental Leaders Conference. This year’s State Environmental Leaders Conference is shaping up to be a great event, and we hope you’ll attend. Join environmental advocates from across the country to share skills and strategies, network, and get inspired. State Environmental Leaders Conference

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