Environmental Actions Weekly Round-Up

Volunteer Positions:

  • Ongoing – Volunteer with Rocky Mountain Wild. Whether your experience is in marketing, graphic design, writing, research, fundraising, data entry, biology/ecology, law/case help, special events, or something else, we could use your help! Rocky Mountain Wild
  • Ongoing – Volunteer with Wildlife Protection Solutions. With more eyes on more of our cameras, we’ll have a better chance of protecting the many thousands of wild animals by catching any potential poaching activity. Get the wpsWatch app. Wildlife Protection Solutions
  • Ongoing – Volunteer with The Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team. Animal rescue volunteers work with the Animal Rescue Team to help save animals who are the victims of illegal animal cruelty and natural disasters. Whether an out of control hoarder or dogfighting operation, or hurricane or puppy mill, animal rescue volunteers travel from all corners of the country to assist in the on-going care of dogs, cats and other animals who have been rescued from harm. The Humane Society
  • Ongoing – Volunteer with Sierra Club’s Green New Deal Volunteer Corps. Together, we can transform our economy and respond to the climate crisis with the scale and urgency that the science demands. Once you sign up, we’ll keep you informed about the latest efforts to secure a Green New Deal and the many opportunities for you to make a difference in your community. Sierra Club
  • Ongoing – Volunteer with Boulder County Parks and Open Space as a Seamstress or Tailor. Boulder County Parks and Open Space is looking for experienced seamstresses and tailors to help create period clothing for our cultural history programs. Volunteer demonstrators wear these period-appropriate clothes during events at Walker Ranch Homestead where they demonstrate the chores and activities of a working ranch in the late 1800s. Boulder County Parks and Open Space
  • Ongoing – Volunteer with Jefferson County and become a Certified Native Plant Master Volunteer! Take your knowledge to the next level and become a certified Native Plant Master volunteer. As a NPM volunteer, your role is to educate others at your current job or volunteer position. Jefferson County
  • Ongoing – Volunteer with Colorado Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign – an initiative calling on mayors, regardless of political parties, from big cities and small towns to support a vision of 100% clean and renewable energy in their cities, towns, and communities, and across the country. Colorado Sierra Club
  • Ongoing – Join The Wilderness Society’s Stop Wilderness Attacks By Trump (S.W.A.T) Team to get the weekly newsletter, the S.W.A.T. list, get the facts, take action, and spread the word. The Wilderness Society

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