Request Greater Protections for Western Colorado Landscapes

Dolores River winds below impressive red rock canyons.
Dolores Recreational River, Colorado, Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management, CC BY 2.0

On June 20, 2024, the Bureau of Land Management (the Bureau) released the Proposed Resource Management Plan / Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Colorado River Valley and Grand Junction Field Offices, which will determine how two million acres of land in western Colorado is managed for decades to come. Publication in the Federal Register on June 21 begins a concurrent 60-day Governor’s consistency review period and a 30-day public protest period.

This proposed plan is a court-ordered update to 2015 plans that short-changed wildlands and our climate. Unfortunately, the supplemental plan still does not take the necessary steps to address the climate crisis and more must be done to address harmful climate-changing emissions in the planning area. The Bureau has scaled up conservation measures in certain areas by providing additional protections for some of the region’s most sensitive wildlands. Despite these additional protections, the plan prioritizes extractive development over protection of natural resources. Focusing on both climate impacts and conservation measures is necessary to ensure the area’s valuable resources are protected, outdoor access is maintained, and western communities and regional economies can thrive in the future.

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If you have participated in this process by submitting comments, you can protest this decision. The protest period closes July 22, 2024. To file protest, go to the Colorado River Valley Field Office and Grand Junction Field Office Supplemental EIS ePlanning site, choose Participate Now on the left side and choose File Protest.

Rocky Mountain Wild will be joining other conservation organizations in protesting the decision and will be asking the Governor to request greater protections as part of their 60-day Governor’s consistency review period. Email Alison for more information or to learn other ways to get involved.

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