Why I Fight for the Earth

Let me introduce you to my niece

By: Tehri Parker, Executive Director
June 1, 2017

RubyToday our President pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a global agreement that represented one of our best hopes for curbing climate change. This decision comes on the heels of dozens of others that are unwinding all of the progress we have made since the 1970’s to protect our wildlife and environment. Days like this can feel like a physical blow to the stomach to those of us who work in the conservation field. Sometimes you start to wonder if it’s even worth the fight.

And then, something magical comes along to inspire you; a humming bird that sits lazily on the garden fence, a lynx picture on your trail camera, or in my case an essay by my niece Ruby. Ruby is 12 years old and lives in Hawaii. This year she did her history project on Rachel Carson. I asked her to tell me what she learned from the project, and she sent me this essay. I share it today as a reminder of why we must continue our work for a better a planet, for kids like Ruby, and the earth that she loves.

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