100 Women for the Wild Garden Party Aug 6

Save the Date: Sunday August 6, 5:00-7:00 pm. Mark your calendars for some more 100 Women for the Wild fun. Katrina and Polly Loewy will be hosting a Garden Party on Sunday, August 6, in Washington Park East. This is a chance for us to catch up with some old friends, introduce new people to […]


Environmental Actions Weekly Round-Up

By Andrea Lauritzen, Rocky Mountain Wild volunteer Weekly round-up of environmental events/actions/educational and recreational opportunities and volunteer projects. If you have something you would like included in the next round-up, please email Andrea at Stay informed, engaged, and educated! Events/Opportunities: 6/23 Denver – See the film Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a […]


The SabbMattical Chronicles – Volume 9

And around we go… By: Matt Sandler, Rocky Mountain Wild June 22, 2017 I could have spent months exploring the canyons and forests of southern Utah. But, when you’re traveling with an almost 3 and 6 year old, knowing when to say when is a necessity. It was time for us to start circling back […]


Introducing our 100 Women for the Wild Intern, Gabrielle

By: Gabrielle Vermeire, RMW 100 Women for the Wild Intern It’s always a relief to land an internship for the summer, since three months is a great opportunity to pad the resume of an anxious college student. I consider myself lucky that Tehri relented to my pestering and gave me the 100 Women for the […]

Junior Rangers

The SabbMattical Chronicles – Volume 8

I guess she’s right… By: Matt Sandler, Rocky Mountain Wild June 13, 2017 We spent a morning at Natural Bridges National Monument. This is a National Monument within Bears Ears National Monument. Natural Bridges was declared a National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908. The Monument was rarely visited as it was accessible by […]

Biological Soil Crusts

The SabbMattical Chronicles – Volume 7

Searching By: Matt Sandler, Rocky Mountain Wild June 9, 2017 Each day at Bears Ears I would take Micah and Leo for an evening hike. I put Micah in the back carrier and we would walk. I tended to meander off the road at some point towards a different rock feature. Our campsite is surrounded […]


The SabbMattical Chronicles – Volume 6

What Could Be Lost By: Matt Sandler, Rocky Mountain Wild June 8, 2017 After setting up camp I took the boys for a hike to explore the area. The petroglyphs at the site had piqued my interest. We began searching the cliff walls, alcoves, and caves for signs of past inhabitants. Where did they live, […]

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The SabbMattical Chronicles – Volume 5

The Perfect Site By: Matt Sandler, Rocky Mountain Wild June 7, 2017 My dear friend Scott’s daughter recently repeated something her father had said about me – “Matt is good at a lot of things, but picking a campsite ain’t one of them.” I was initially flattered that this statement was premised by the fact […]

Trump Plaque

The SabbMattical Chronicles – Volume 4

Jump Ship? By: Matt Sandler, Rocky Mountain Wild June 6, 2017 What would I do if I had to walk into an office every day and see this guy’s picture on the wall?[1] If I knew my boss was against much of what I believe in, would I jump ship or feel that I could […]

Super Species Squad

Join the Super Species Squad Today!

By: Chris Talbot-Heindl, Communications & Membership Manager June 2, 2017 Monthly donations are our most stable source of funding, as well as an easy and affordable way to support our work! In fact, we think that our monthly donors are Super – which is why we started the Super Species Squad! To date, we have 10 […]