PRESS RELEASE: Grant Funding Builds Programs for Women in Field Biology

For Immediate Release, August 21, 2017

Contact: Erica Prather
Rocky Mountain Wild
1536 Wynkoop Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80202

Partners in the Outdoors has awarded Rocky Mountain Wild a $2,000 grant to engage Colorado women in field biology and citizen science programs. The project, called “100 Women for the Wild,” provides networking opportunities and real-world field experiences for women interested in wildlife and wild land conservation.

“100 Women for the Wild was launched last fall to empower women with skills and opportunities to do something real and meaningful to protect our environment,” states Tehri Parker, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Wild. “Additionally, we wanted to help break down the gender bias that still exists in the sciences.”

Grant funds will be used to create and promote field skills training sessions to equip members to participate in citizen science and field biology projects. Skills will include: map reading, GPS use, animal tracking, camera trap use, game trail mapping, and wildlife and plant identification. The program will also offer an Emerging Female Leader internship to assist with field work in the summer of 2018.

Partners in the Outdoors is a program of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife with support from Colorado Parks and Recreation Association. More information can be found at:

100 Women for the Wild in a project of Rocky Mountain Wild. Rocky Mountain Wild is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, connecting, and restoring wildlife and wild lands in the southern Rocky Mountain region. More information on the project can be found at:


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