Sabbatical Photo Diary Week 1

Learning About Connectivity ModelingAlison Gallensky is taking an 8-week sabbatical this summer, from June 15 to August 9. Back at work on Friday, August 10. While she is away she will be thinking about how to update the Southern Rockies Wildlands Conservation Vision based on the new science that has been developed in the last 15 years or so including wildlife connectivity and climate change. She will also be attending two GIS conferences in California as part of a road trip exploring the western United States.

She is documenting her time away through a series of photos and observations for each business day. Here is her first week:

Day 1 June 15

Explored the solar system (along the Dry Creek Greenway in Cheyenne WY).
“My Very Elegant Mother Just Scientifically Unfriended Pluto.”

Sun Venus
Earth Mars
Jupiter Saturn

Day 2 June 18

Getting my ducks in a row. This picture is from last year because the ducklings I saw on my walk this morning didn’t stop for a photo.

Ducks in a Row

Day 3 June 19

Gathering reference materials. Also saw Deadpool 2 because $5 movie Tuesday.

Research Books and Articles Deadpool 2 Movie Poster

Day 4 June 20

Went downtown to learn about my coworkers Wildlife Connectivity modeling project. And yes, I do understand that the point of a Sabbatical is to not hang around with coworkers!

Learning About Connectivity Modeling

Day 5 June 21

Happy Solstice! It is the first day of Summer and now the nights get longer. Enjoyed the sunset light and mountain silhouettes from a bench 6 blocks from home.

Sunset Longs Peak Sunset


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