Sabbatical Photo Diary Week 8

Map showing oval track for trip.Alison Gallensky is taking an 8-week sabbatical this summer, from June 15 to August 9. Back at work on Friday, August 10. While she is away she will be thinking about how to update the Southern Rockies Wildlands Conservation Vision based on the new science that has been developed in the last 15 years or so including wildlife connectivity and climate change. She will also be attending and presenting at two GIS conferences in California as part of a road trip exploring the western United States.

She is documenting her time away through a series of photos and observations for each business day. Week eight is the last week of her sabbatical.

Day 36 Monday August 6

My sabbatical trip by the numbers: 3,950 miles, 31 nights on the road, 8+ wild places explored. See this mapped on my trip By The numbers Story Map
Map showing oval track for trip.

Day 37 Tuesday August 7

Thinking about our changing climate and how Colorado’s high elevation lands could serve as a refuge for animals and plants if we protect the right places.

Meadow with trees and mountains silhouetted in the background obscured by smoke.
Wildfires are intensified by hot dry summers – made more likely due to climate change. Here smoke from the Ferguson Fire can be seen pouring into the Yosemite Valley.
Cache Creek Fire in Western Colorado (White River National Forest) as seen from I-70 one week ago (Tuesday, July 31).

Day 38 Wednesday August 8

Visiting my husband’s parents in Cheyenne Wyoming. Great to learn from my elders.

My husband Neil to the left of his mother and father.
Left to right: Howard Gallensky, Lila Gallensky, Neil Gallensky.

Day 39 Thursday August 9

8 week Sabbatical * 5 business days per week = 40 days – 1 day for the Fourth of July = 39 days. This is my last day. A big THANK YOU to Rocky Mountain Wild for supporting my chance to explore, learn, and refresh! Back to work tomorrow. Time to apply what I’ve learned to saving stuff!

Classic Warner Brothers Cartoon end screen: "That's All Folks."

Friday August 8

Back to work…

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