Sabbatical Photo Diary Week 4

Alison in front of map projected on screenAlison Gallensky is taking an 8-week sabbatical this summer, from June 15 to August 9. Back at work on Friday, August 10. While she is away she will be thinking about how to update the Southern Rockies Wildlands Conservation Vision based on the new science that has been developed in the last 15 years or so including wildlife connectivity and climate change. She will also be attending and presenting at two GIS conferences in California as part of a road trip exploring the western United States.

She is documenting her time away through a series of photos and observations for each business day. Here is her fourth week (halfway point):

Day 16 Monday July 9

At the Esri Users Conference (UC). Esri is the largest vendor of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computer mapping and geographic analysis software. So far the conference is corporate theater at its best!

WELCOME 2018 Esri Users Conference
Esri UC Opening Plenary
Leadership in Government Award
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper being recognized at the Esri UC


Day 17 Tuesday July 10

At well over 17,000 attendees, the Esri UC is the largest conference I have ever attended. However there are already signs that San Diego is preparing for Comic Con next week expecting almost 10 times as many people.

Sidewalk closure sign in front of Esri UC Banner
Sidewalk will be closed for Comic Con
construction scene
Parking lot is being turned into an ad for a TV show complete with helicopter


Day 18 Wednesday July 11

Gave a presentation at the Esri UC on mapping large natural areas in Colorado. Lots of good questions from a well engaged audience. Happy to be done.

Alison in front of map projected on screen

Day 19 Thursday July 12

While I continue to learn lots at the conference, I’ll share a bit of the architecture of San Diego.

Lighthouse and outbuildings on bluff
1855 Lighthouse at Point Loma
Historic Hotel Coronado
detail of pavillion
Spreckels Organ Pavilion at Balboa Park
Victorian style building
Historic Congregation Beth Israel Building, San Diego’s first synagogue


Day 20 Friday July 13

Last night I went to the spectacular Esri UC Party in the equally spectacular Balboa Park. Where I photographed ducklings. Go figure.

Mama duck with ducklings

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